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Dave Hussey

For many years Dave often said that when he had the time he would love to paint and in the early 1990’s he joined Aileen Skelton’s Art Group in Clondalkin. It was there that he developed his interest in painting and particularly Watercolour painting.

Dave has taken part in numerous exhibitions down through the years including a recent Book Launch and Exhibition to mark 40 years of the Abbey Art Group, both of which proved to be very successful.

Some artists say that Watercolour is probably the most difficult medium to paint with and while he agrees that it can be difficult, Dave says, “I am very drawn to its fresh and spontaneous nature which suits his style of loose and impressionistic painting.”

The Snow Girl Watercolour 11” x 8”
The Snow Girl Watercolour 11” x 8”
Among the blossoms Watercolour 11” x 8”
Among the blossoms Watercolour 11” x 8”

Over the years Dave has looked at some of the great watercolour artists such as Ted Wesson, Edward Seago, John Singer Sargent, to name but a few and they all had a similar approach, to paint with as few strokes as possible to convey their message.

Dave mainly paints landscapes from the locality including streetscapes and occasionally he paints a seascape or harbour scene from further afield as he finds these fascinating subjects to paint.

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