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Peter Mooney

Peter was born and raised in Dublin and has lived there all his life. Like a lot of kids growing up with an urge to love and enjoy creating a visual tale with all its twists and turns and a passion to draw, Peter always believed he wanted to be an artist, never quite knowing how he could get there, or where the journey might bring him.

He studied Illustration and commercial Art in National College of Art in Dublin, in the late 1960s, achieved an Arts Worker Scholarship in the ‘90s, and completed Disability Studies in NUI Maynooth.  While he views and acknowledges his academic history as relevant, he owes a greater depth of gratitude to ongoing family support and hands-on engagement in a vast and extensive history of arts projects spanning a period of over thirty-five years, while working in local communities and educational institutions in Dublin City.

Peter retired from his last employment with Stewarts Care/Stewarts Hospital Services in 2015 where, as Arts and Drama Tutor, he worked with young people with a variety of intellectual and physical disabilities for over 20 years.

Peter learned from his experience in many previous Arts and Drama training projects and programmes. He devised and delivered ongoing accredited programmes in Art, Drama, Self-advocacy, Integrated Literacy and Group related Social skills.

Since his retirement, with the support of his family he has been fortunate enough to return to his first loves, drawing, painting and music. Peter considers that “At the moment I am enjoying the journey from the first scratches on a blank space to the living colour of a finished piece. As for myself, I’m still a work in progress.”

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