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Bea O'Connell

Originally from Tashinny, Co. Longford Bea has lived in Celbridge since she got married. Her interest in painting began when she worked in Telecom where two of her colleagues painted with the Watercolour Society of Ireland and the Sketching Club. In addition to visiting exhibitions with them they encouraged her to visit art galleries, something she and her husband have continued to do wherever they go at home or abroad.

Bea first began painting pictures for her children from their story books and she continued this practice for her grandchildren. Through her friendship with Madelaine McGuire and Ita Doyle, she joined the Abbey Art Group, often serving on the Committee and helping to organise their annual exhibitions.

Focusing on the popular mediums of watercolour, acrylic and oils she explores a range of painting subjects using vibrant colours to convey atmosphere. More recently she has discovered a passion for painting flowers and birds, bringing them to life with watercolours as she observes them through the window from her favourite corner of the kitchen.

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