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Lucy Monaghan

Lucy Monaghan has lived in Celbridge for the past 43 years. Originally from Dunsany, Co. Meath, where her mother and father were teachers in the local schools, Lucy was surrounded by art in her home and in Dunsany Castle, where she saw paintings by the old masters and original illustrations that Lord did for his 90 odd books. Lucy recalls that on their walk to school her mother made Lucy and her siblings aware of the clouds, the bark, the leaves of the various trees and the wildflowers in the ditch.
Red Japonica, Watercolour, 10” x 8”
Lough Rea Reflections, Acrylic, 10” x 8”

She drew their attention to the bird’s nests and the differences in their eggs. As Lucy says, “It was nature lessons all the way!”
Lucy joined Sharon Dunne’s art class and enjoyed painting. She was attracted to botanical art and worked with Holly Somerville. When she considers her own influence on others she says, “I think I have passed my love of nature to my family and now see the results inn my grandchildren.”

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