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Noel Hayes

Having studied and worked in graphic design Noel has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience with different media, both drawing and painting. Upon retirement he has a newfound passion for plein air painting and being close to nature with its true colours and atmosphere. Drawing is a fundamental skill that he has perfected throughout his career, and he loves the challenge of recording what he sees.

Although he prefers landscapes he also welcomes the inspiring nature of portrait painting. Noel’s preferred medium is watercolour, but he also uses oils and pastels.

St. Patrick's, MUI, Watercolour,15" x 20".
St. Patrick's, MUI, Watercolour,
15" x 20"
West Pier, Howth, Watercolour, 20” x 15”
West Pier, Howth Dublin, Watercolour,
20” x 15”

Printing is a very large part of the design process and the skills involved in reproducing artwork. So, Noel is interested in experimenting with that art form, having touched upon it in his earlier years at college. He is very open to giving instruction and has taught for many years in different locations. He also carried out many commissions and his works can be seen around Ireland and abroad. Noel has also been recognised in various art competitions and Plein Air events.

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