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Michael Molloy

Michael Molloy’s interest in painting stems from fortnightly visits to the Hugh Lane Gallery from around the age of twelve on, when paying his father’s vintners union dues in Parnell Square.

It was there he first encountered the paintings of Camille Corot and the Barbizon School. The American tonal tradition, which concentrated on mood and sentiment rather than topographical accuracy, has also proved to be a rich source of inspiration for Michael.

In his own landscape paintings, which are mainly of trees and meadows, he endeavours to capture a similar mood and sentiment to that shown by the great tonal artists of the past.

Over the years Castletown Demesne, Celbridge, has been a favourite haunt for Michael. His bird paintings are of the more common garden birds rather than the exotic species. They are attempts to capture the ordinary in a natural and sympathetic light.
Michael’s preferred medium is oils followed by charcoal and the subjects he enjoys painting include landscapes, still life and birds.

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